Inspiration Trend Analysis Ltd is a company dedicated to assisting creative industries, especially those involved in the fashion business, to achieve commercial success by identifying business opportunities without compromising their creativity.

Our services are tailored to fit each company’s specific needs. As independent consultants and a network of professional companies, Inspiration Trend Analysis Ltd can bring together a bespoke team of experts to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Whatever you would like your business to achieve we can help you by delivering consulting solutions tailored to your company.

You can also choose to attend one of our workshops to train your team or to get new ideas for the growth of your company.



–      journalism,

–       workshops,

–       design inspiration, information and analysis.



–       fashion business,

–       fashion marketing,

–       branding,

–       design,

–       lifestyle, design, fashion and trends,

–       fashion retail: consumers, customer service, selling techniques, visual merchandising,

–       consistency of conceptual and visual approach.